Latest Updates

v2.0.0, 2024-04-08

This is a major release offering several new features, including user sign in and experience points:

- Enable user sign up and sign in.

- Award experience points to signed-in users after match is completed.

- Track player experience level based on points.

- Update user interface, using a brighter color scheme.

- Replace exact start time in public games with rough estimates.

- Add new player avatars.

v1.10.2, 2023-07-07

- Hide user info button during the game.

v1.10.1, 2023-06-13

- Fixed user name input resetting after avatar selection.

v1.10.0, 2023-06-08

- Show spinning wheel while connecting to server.

v1.9.4, 2023-05-19

- Fixed UI issue selecting avatars.


Why Baazii?

Playing cards (Farsi: 'کارت بازی' kart, kard, or card bazi, 'ورق بازی' varagh bazi) is a very popular social pastime in Iran and neighbouring countries, and Hokm (Farsi: 'حکم') is arguably the most popular of the card games in Iran. Besides poetry and soccer, Hokm is the only thing that unites Iranians of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life.

What distinguishes from other online multiplayer card games is its focus on creating the same player experience as that of playing a card game at home: Grab a deck of cards, clear a table, wait for others to join, and start playing! Nothing but the cards in your hand and those on the table compete for your attention. Everything else is dimmed and pushed to the background. In short, it's hassle-free, or in my native Farsi language, it's 'bi dang-o-fang' (Farsi: 'بی دنگ و فنگ')! Playing Hokm at is in many ways like playing a real card game:

- It's free! Some ads show at the bottom of the page which you can always dismiss. They are there to help me hopefully recover some of the operations costs :)

- You can play as a guest user without signing in. We can't reliably save and track your experience points and player level unless you sign in with an email address. The email address is used to identify you across different devices and browsers.

- You can play with anyone, anywhere in the world. Select the Public mode to enter the pool and compete with the players who are around at the time.

- Alternatively, when entering the Friends mode, a 5-letter code is generated for you to share with your friends. Your friends should enter that code to join your table.

- In the Friends mode you can play at your own pace and take breaks in-between hands.

- Just like a real game, if more than 4 friends show at a table, the latecomers can watch the onging game while waiting for their turn.

- In the AI mode you go against our smart bots whose names are inspired by the characters of the Farsi novel "Uncle Napoleon" (Farsi: 'دایی جان ناپلئون' ). They play a descent game. read more...

Hokm Game Rules

Most guides on Hokm start with describing the big picture, explaining the game objective, the point system, the terms, etc. While such an approach makes all the sense on paper, it may not be as effective as walking one, step by step, through a real or virtual game and explaining the rules and the terms as one comes across them. For this to work, start and play a game against the AI as you continue reading. [Don’t worry if you get kicked out of the game for taking too long to play. in the AI mode, you have at least 10 minutes to go back to the same game and pick where you left off. ] read more ...